Digital media presence is a key activity, with newspaper publishing one of the most important. The rapid development of new media has profoundly impacted people’s lives. Different types of newspapers are now available online with the advent of the Internet has been delivering Details information about the different Schemes launched by the central and state Governments Authority/ Board/ Officials and many other announcements in Simple Language. They present relevant information with helpful resources and Valid Indexing to the audience.

Organization Name

Formal News



News and Publication

Why Did Formal News Opt for Clikmax?

An opportunity arose at Formal News’s local Social Media Page to become a Full Fledge Online News Website that Focuses on Latest Center and State Government Schemes. The website Plan was Just Started, and there wasn’t an easy way to make it from scratch.

Why Clikmax?

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The Challenges and Task

The Formal News required An interactive news portal that could accommodate reader opinions and discussions. They Need features to be integrated to improve the news portal’s engagement. Seamless uses of graphical images and videos, text, infographics, tweets, and Facebook posts embedded with the Capability to capture the latest news and trends.

The Results

We recommended our total aggressive digital marketing package, focusing on Facebook for immediate traffic generation and creating evergreen content for long-term SEO results. The solution had to be flexible to handle aggressive traffic growth expectations.

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