This case study is the Visa Immigration Consultancy Firm Round World Immigration Analysis. Here We are Trying to Demonstrate Quantifiable results, challenges, success, and the practical actions we have taken throughout the Journey.

We call it “STAR METHODS” to Explain Our Case Study. STAR stands for:


Describe the Current Situation.


Explain the Upcoming Challenges and Task. You can say it's a Todo List.


Discuss the actions We took to Improve the Situation.


Describe What we had Achieved, our Performance, and the outcome.

About the Client Organization

Round World Immigration, Visa Immigration Consultancy that Provides support for Canadian Newcomers. They offer services to immigrants and refugees for PR visas, Work visas, or Many instruction and Job search needs.

They are interested in presenting visa petitions and immigration applications for Permanent Resident PR Visas and Temporary Resident Visas via Skilled, Self-employed, Family, Business, Investor, Student & State Sponsorship classes for various Immigration destinations like Canada, Australia, UK, USA, etc.

Organization Name

Round World Immigration


www.roundworldimmigration dot com


Outsourcing and offshoring, Immigration Services,​

Why Did RWI Opt for Digital Marketing?

It was really important for RWI to Reach out to their relevant audience, so they needed to Create Content. Again Branding is also Important for Round World Immigration. Branding allows you to build relationships with your audience, eventually turning them into loyal customers. You can create a brand that people care about and put yourself ahead of businesses that aren’t using this to their advantage.

Why Clikmax?

ClikMax is a Data-Driven ‘Digital Marketing Consulting Company’. We Work for the Client with the Aim of Max Click, Maximum Return. Our fortes include helping Businesses Achieve Goals in Digital Advertising Campaign Optimization, Revenue Growth, Social Media Branding, Conversion Optimization. We are a team of Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialists, Developers, UI/UX Experts, SEO Analysts. Our Synergy is Delivering Digital Experiences Globally. Through Strategic Analysis, Implementation and Innovation we create engaging digital experiences. 

The Challenges and Task

Marketing can be viewed in one way. It communicates with clients or customers in their native language using various platforms. While starting a business requires a lot of hustle, proper marketing can help you enjoy the ease of having most things done for you. So let’s see what the Challenges and Task are in this project:

Connect with Us

In the world of competition, when you need to win the race of getting clients, you have to have your business online. You might raise a question, and businesses like us already have their business online; how will mine make a difference?

The answer to that is, People do have a misconception that having a website of their business on the internet, then their business is online. That is not true. Digital Marketing plays an important role in that. They have to make their business visible to people in many forms.