This case study is the Analysis of Edtech Startup Vedic Math School. Here We are Trying to Demonstrate Quantifiable results, challenges, success, and the practical actions we have taken throughout the Journey.


Vedic Maths School is The Leading Vedic Maths Training Institute ūüŹÜ in India and is known for developing, researching, And training Vedic Mathematics. Vedic Maths is a Mental Mathematics technique used to improve the mental mathematical ability of the student.

It offers Vedic math and Abacus Online Class and offline workshops, events, and seminars on Vedic Mathematics updates and preparation material for school studies, entrance exams to college, government jobs, talent search exams, and Olympiads.

About the Client Organization

Why did Vedic Math School opt for Digital Marketing?

It was really important for Vedic Math School to spread the knowledge of Vedic Math across India, and for that, it was really important to Create Content. As no one knew about Vedic Math, it was important to bring Vedic Math into the presence of people. It was essential to make it easy to access Vedic Math School.

Why DigiBloq?

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The Challenges and Task

The Website was a well-known student portal and had been attracting organic traffic for some time. However, in December 2019, the client approached us to improve their Website’s traffic numbers from previous years.

The Next 4 Months’ Focus was on Content Optimization. From March to June 2020, our focus was to optimize keywords and landing pages. The majority of our efforts were focused on website optimization, SEO, Content Writing, and linking building.

The Approach and Solution

After getting on the marketing research, we have a clear idea of how to go ahead. So we followed step by step our Roadmap. We started with a website.


We knew that it was important to create a Student Engaging website for Vedic Math School, so that people who would be searching for Vedic Math would land on the Vedic Math School website. We Re-Developed the Website.

Google My Business

Most people would be searching for Vedic Math using google. We let them know that there is a Vedic Math School that does workshops and seminars. We registered them with Google My Business.

Content Marketing

Our Content Writers have dedicated their time and afford to understand what Vedic Math is. They have started writing Content for Vedic Math so that the readers who come to their site would get engaged in reading and understanding Vedic Math.

Increased Responsiveness

We optimized their mobile Website to increase customer engagement and profit.

More Visitors to the Website

People started coming to the Website and started asking about Vedic Math. There were a lot of workshop requests.

Managing Social Media

We Created and Maintained their different social media accounts. We maintained their social media reputations and online reputation.

The Results

After Working for Four to Six Months, we saw an incredible increase in organic search traffic of 228%. This was a remarkable jump, even by our standards.

This resulted in a 608.70% rise in page views between March to June 20. We Decrease the Bounce Rate from 82% to 52%.¬†The client was delighted with the results, as they saw an increase in the Website’s overall performance. They were pleasantly surprised.

We Achieved

The Rich Snippets

We Focused on Google Search Results for high intent keywords, which led to a dramatic increase in CTR and conversion. Keywords like “Vedic Math Formula” and “Vedic Math Examples” is Featured on Google.

With The Rich Snippets, The Avg CTR Increased from 3.9% to 8.5%.

Most users searching for Vedic Math Example and Vedic Math Formula can see the featured results on google.

Why these Case Studies & Customer Success Stories?

We Encourage Everyone to measure Our Achievements with Data and in-depth analysis of challenges, solutions, and results we have achieved. Our Evey case study comes with different learning, sometimes old, sometimes new, but always certifying us towards Excellence.

  • Case Studies Create Confidence and Assurance in our New Clients that “We Can Deliver to You” and want to gain our clients’ trust.
  • Case studies Showcase Our Expertise in a Particular Niche.
  • We Display Our Approach, Problem Solving Ability, and How we Solve a customer’s specific problem.

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In the world of competition, when you need to win the race of getting clients, you have to have your business online. You might raise a question, and businesses like us already have their business online; how will mine make a difference?

The answer to that is, People do have a misconception that having a website of their business on the internet, then their business is online. That is not true. Digital Marketing plays an important role in that. They have to make their business visible to people in many forms.