Affiliate Management

Affiliate marketing is All about the Relationship Between Customers, Advertisers, and Publishers. We will also ensure that you get top placement and generate genuine sales.


Affiliate marketing is a type of online advertising that rewards an affiliate for referring visitors or customers for performing desired actions, such as purchasing or signing up for a newsletter. Affiliate Marketing is free publicity for your site, a network of websites that direct customers to your site.

How Affiliate Marketing can Help You?

Combining affiliate campaigns with Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC), and email support will yield the best results. Affiliate campaigns are ideal for travel, retail and service industries because of their quick research and large-volume sales.

Our Affiliate Management Team will help with Technical and Strategic expertise to help you connect with the right networks, publishers, and verticals for you.

Maintain Online Reputation and Trust in Your Audience

You must also maintain trust with your affiliates by paying commissions within the agreed-upon deadline. A strong relationship with your affiliates is key to a successful campaign.

Greater Brand Awareness

Affiliate programs are set up so that you only pay for leads and customers, not page views or clicks. Our affiliate marketing campaigns have one goal: to produce tangible results for clients’ online businesses

Advanced sales tracking and reporting

We create affiliate programs based on your industry vertical, the products and services you offer, and your business requirements

We carefully review your affiliate marketing campaigns and keep you informed about your progress. We ensure that your campaigns are honest and you get real results. We also offer additional exposure to your business by placing adverts on affiliate sites. This is free advertising until someone clicks through to purchase the product.

Affiliate Management Facts

2 %
Affiliate marketing drives 16% of eCommerce sales.
$ 5 B
The Global Affiliate Marketing Industry is Worth Over $17 Billion
10 %
Affiliate Marketing is a Top Revenue Source for 31% of Publishers
5 %
Affiliate Marketing Is the Most Successful Channel for 20% of Brand Marketers

Affiliate Program Commission Payment Models

You will need to be familiar with all Affiliate program payment model sections to decide what type of ads you wish to display on your business website.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Cost-per-lead refers to affiliate marketing where the affiliates are paid for sending quality leads to their website. CPL is an affiliate marketing program that pays for online lead generation. Affiliates are paid each time a visitor completes a contact form or performs any other eligible action that could result in a sale.

Cost per Click (CPC).

CPC, or cost-per-click, is another well-known model. It pays affiliates for clicks on ads placed on their websites. This type of advertising can be either text or image, depending on which ads are placed on an affiliate site. The ads are usually authentic and tailored to each site visitor to increase sales.

Cost per Impressions (CPM).

The most popular pricing model for website advertising is the cost per impression. Cost per mile is another name for cost per impression. This is the cost an advertiser pays to have 1,000 impressions of their website. This is not a measure of campaign efficiency.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA),

Pay-per-sale, also known as cost per acquisition or PPS, is another name for pay-per-sale. This model allows the affiliate to earn a fixed commission for every sale they refer to the merchant's site or services. Affiliates place live listings of the appropriate products on their website. If visitors click on these listings to make a purchase, they earn a commission.

Our ROI Driven Affiliate Marketing Services.

Our well-organized approach will allow you to build a network of affiliates that will help you increase your brand’s presence on the internet. This will ensure you receive the highest ROI and customer attention.

We offer a wide range of services for affiliate marketing, including:


Our highly-trained experts employ innovative strategies and build relationships with top affiliates to increase sales and leads. This is why we use a performance-based model.

Planning of an Affiliate Marketing Program and Strategy

Bing Ads have huge prospects for all organizations, even those with smaller budgets. We can display Bing Ads on not one but three search engines, resulting in greater reach for the audience.

Advertising Networks Subscription

We know the importance of advertising subscription plans. Therefore, rather than selecting one network to advertise with, we sign up for all major networks that are relevant to you. This will allow you to find the best leads and advertisers.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions Deployment

The deployment of our Affiliate marketing solutions guarantees improvement in the operation of your affiliate marketing campaign. Our affordable services will help you increase your ROI.

Monitoring Affiliate Services

BrandBurp's expert affiliate marketing team uses advanced techniques for monitoring your affiliate services. BrandBurp's experts can help brands identify affiliates who are redirecting to rivals. They also verify that affiliate compliance with product branding, pricing and copyright regulations.

Affiliate Networks Tracking & Reporting

Advanced tools and techniques are used to monitor compliance and automatically detect violations. BrandBurp's skilled affiliate marketers can monitor paid search direct linking to give you the most accurate reporting.

Affiliate Marketing is not about throwing links at website owners hoping that something sticks. It’s a carefully planned, specific effort to establish long-term relationships and trust with industry-relevant websites.

Successful Affiliate Marketing requires certain business skills, such as being flexible with the commission values, especially when sales are low, because a higher commission will motivate affiliates to work harder.


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