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Globally, eCommerce is growing. Many companies watch this growth from the sidelines and wonder if an internet business strategy is right to grow their business. Climax’s eCommerce Development Services are the answer to that very question.

Best Enterprise eCommerce Solution in India by Clikmax

Clikmax, an eCommerce Consulting Agency, understands that the Internet and digital technologies drive consumer evolution and business transformation.

Consumers aren’t satisfied with just high-quality products in today’s connected world. Today’s consumer expectations are quite different. Unexpected players are gaining market share. Many product categories are obsolete today.

Brands must provide a consistent, unique, satisfying, and personal experience for their customers to be successful.

The three main trends emerging from today’s consumers are important for brands to understand:

The Desire for Self-Service

This is driving the continued growth of online marketplaces like Flipkart and Amazon. Today, a consumer does not have to be restricted by retail borders. They can connect with businesses wherever and whenever they like.

They want to Fulfill their Individual Needs

They know exactly what they want and reward brands who understand their needs.

Consumers are Connected to Brands on an Emotional level

They are more likely to connect with brands that have a greater purpose. A brand determined to make a real difference in the world has a better chance of succeeding.

At Clikmax, we Understand this and provide an e-Commerce solution company that offers holistic ecommerce services to brands.

eCommerce Consulting Services for your Online Business

eCommerce Services Increase your online earnings with fresh content, SEO and current data insights. The eCommerce market is highly competitive.

Offers are often short-lived and easily understood by the user. You are a website operator and must constantly monitor the market to generate unique content that adds value to the user’s experience on new product pages. You can create competitive advantages for your website while remaining visible to search engines and users.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals with our optimization solutions for your store and all of your websites.

Consulting in technology and Market Entry

  1. Help you to Get Started.
  2. Guide you to the best ecommerce platform.
  3. Checklist for all digital ecommerce requirements.
  4. Researching market opportunities: target audience, growth potential.
  5. Suppress Market entry complexities.

Operational Consulting and Business Optimization

  1. Implementing a data management strategy for the entire business.
  2. Improve stuck business workflows.
  3. Planned cross-system integration landscape
  4. To increase your business KPIs, review your digital experience strategy.
  5. Offer Viable Technical assistance.

Clikmax eCommerce Development Services

Clikmax offers the best e-commerce services in India. Our eCommerce development services are affordable. Our services allow you to sell directly through your brand store or marketplaces to consumers all over the globe.

Complete eCommerce Services

Our Complete eCommerce Development Services can increase conversion and attract more customers. We provide fresh content in all major languages, product descriptions, tags, and market information. Clikmax allows you to display your entire product line on your own or other eCommerce websites.

Set Up a webstore

Our team specializes in eCommerce website development. eCommerce website development is a data-driven and consumer-focused process.

Our team will design an easy-to-use eCommerce website that is user-friendly and intuitive, so your customers keep coming back. Here are some things that we will do:


  1. We will first create a consumer-centric eCommerce site design and mobile responsive design. This is based on UI/UX principles.
  2. All functional requirements are brought to life.
  3. Unique StoreFront for eCommerce Website Development
  4. List of the most commonly purchased products
  5. Grouping and presentation of products
  6. Individual Product Pages
  7. Comparison of products
  8. Shopping Cart and Checkout Pages

eCommerce Digital Marketing Services

We’ll use the most recent web strategies and promotions to increase traffic to your eCommerce website..

  1. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  2. Marketing and Social Media Optimization
  3. Online paid marketing campaigns
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Performance Marketing
  6. eCommerce CRM Solutions
  7. Discounts and coupons available
  8. Automation of digital marketing
  9. Integrating proper technologies for omnichannel marketing:
  10. Content marketing.

Digital Marketing Automation

Automation is the Backbone of Marketing in 2022. It will save you time, but its cost-effective as well, and the bonus is that its more productive at the same time. It will help in

  1. Optimizing business performance
  2. Expansion of customer acquisition channels
  3. Facilitating an omnichannel business model
  4. Digital user experience audit and design improvement.
  5. Improve the checkout experience
  6. Advancing data analytics capabilities.

Ecommerce audit

Our eCommerce website design incorporates the best standard and unique features to help customers buy. Our Audit Includes:

  1. Analyzing digital experience and designing a website redesign strategy.
  2. Analyzing the code and its effect on website operation.
  3. Update security patches and revise them.
  4. Complete checkup of IT infrastructure.

Global Store

Clikmax is the ideal eCommerce solution for startups. You can also sell internationally by creating an eCommerce website customizable to each country’s requirements. These features will help you achieve that goal:

  1. Selecting target countries
  2. Multi-currency handling
  3. Multiple languages
  4. Options for localization
Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

We will offer the best payment gateway options for fast, reliable and secure payments for merchandise, such as online transfers or credit card payments. This will give your customers more choices. We have expertise in integrating all the major payment gateways with your website.

  1. Local Currency Support
  2. Multi Payment Method
  3. Fase, Safe and Secure

Support and Maintenance Services

In ecommerce, you need proper tech support and service all the time. If you are with us, don’t worry that we have support and maintenance services for you. It covers

  1. The website’s functionality can accommodate different user scenarios
  2. Integrations of Ecommerce Solution
  3. SEO-related aspects.
  4. Website performance.
  5. Web Security.

Optimizing Product Presentation and Product Search

It is important to consider the type and extent of your product presentation and the search and filter options so users can easily understand and buy.

Descriptions of the products

Search engine-optimized product descriptions make your product pages the best landing page for search engines and users.

Product Categorization & Tagging

To improve your shop's visibility and search engine results, you should mark each product in your store.

Search Relevance

The internal search function of your store will evaluate the search results based on the relevance of the search term. This will optimize your stored algorithms and ensure that your store is usable.

Product Data Management

Extract product data from template files such as images, PDFs or print catalogs to ensure that your store's product information is up-to-date and that your customers have all the information they need to make a purchase decision.

Image & Video Tagging

You can ensure optimal visibility and findability in search engines like Google and other search engines by properly tagging your images and videos.

Benefits Optimizing Product

How Clikmax Helps you in eCommerce Services

Brands will be able to manage their eCommerce and less on local distributors. Why should they sacrifice their profit margins for the sake of their customers?

But We’ve seen businesses resist selling online because they lack the knowledge and expertise needed to manage eCommerce operations.

Our eCommerce experts can help you choose the right marketplaces to sell your products and guide you in your online entry strategy.

Clikmax, an eCommerce Development Company, will assist you in making informed business decisions and implementing a go-to-market strategy to help you succeed online.

Our eCommerce development services team will provide customer insights, merchandising strategy and technology to help you become a leader in your industry.

Clikmax can help you develop ecommerce expertise by providing comprehensive eCommerce Consulting Services and implementing your eCommerce strategy. Our affordable eCommerce Development Services are available to you and are fully managed eCommerce solutions.

How do we Proceed with you?

Clikmax Consulting helps brands, startups, and retailers sell their products online. Clikmax Consulting can help you develop, manage and transfer an eCommerce Business Module that is future-ready.

We will need to know a bit about your project to provide you with the best e-commerce solution for Managed Service.

  • What of the following services would you like to request?
  • How big is the order volume/project size?
  • Which regions are willing to target.
    What language is the target language?
  • Content: What topics, structure, format, and length do the texts need to be written? What keywords would you like to be included, and how often?
  • Web research: What data would you like to see research conducted on?
  • Categorizations and tagging: What are you looking to tag or categorize? What number of categorizations and tags should you do per image or video.
  • Analyses: What are you looking to analyze? How many criteria should you use?
  • Which format would you like the report and results delivered in?


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