Email Marketing

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An email is an essential tool for business, particularly ROI and building long-lasting profitable relationships

What is Email Marketing ?

We say it is the most effective digital marketing strategy to send emails out to prospects and turn them into customers. You can also turn one-time customers into loyal, recurring clients or “Fans”.

Everything is taken care of, from unique content to programmer management and email campaigns.

Our email marketing services can help you increase your online presence. Our award-winning formula combines strategy and implementation with tracking.

Facts!! Why you should do Email Marketing

Building brand awareness, converting customers with targeted, segmented email marketing campaigns to Nurture your client for good relationships everytime Email is going to crucial for your business. Personalized email marketing can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Email Marketing Facts

19 %
Small businesses use Email marketing to Reach customers.
22 %
Marketers send their customers 3-5 emails per week.
39 %
Marketers said they’d rather give up social media than Email marketing.
9 %
B2B marketers say email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads.

With effective communication and informative information, you can leave a lasting impression! We have the experience to target specific users for promotional campaigns and promotions. This medium is cost-effective and can be used to advertise or share information

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Our experts employ tools, strategy, and implementation to achieve maximum brand engagement.

We can manage your entire email marketing strategy, from the template design to tracking and reporting.

Our team will devise the most effective strategy to reach the targeted audiences and determine their information needs.

Effective Email Funnel

Email marketing allows you to reach large audiences with a simple email message. It is an efficient and cost-effective form of direct marketing. This could include promotional information like product launches, discounts, offers, and other deals

Email Template Design

Innovative solutions and designs that improve email delivery are compliant. Our expert designers will bring your message to life. They will also increase the engagement of your target audience with your brand.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Our team can design, build, and deliver an email template to communicate with your audience. We can also manage your email marketing campaign to drive dramatic changes in sales and profitability

Email Analytics

Email messages can be linked to your website. These tools integrate with advanced campaign management tools, which help track click-through rates, Return on Investment, and other metrics that determine the success of an Email Marketing Campaign.

Why choose clikmax Email Marketing Services

We are a leading Digital Marketing company in India and have extensive experience with Email Marketing.

Many of our clients have enjoyed successful marketing campaigns that we have created and implemented. We’ll ensure you get maximum exposure through your email campaigns without being irritating or annoying. An established strategy provides email Marketing Services. This will ensure that your campaign follows a defined direction.

Email Marketing Campaign

Our team of professional designers, content writers, and technical leads will

clikmax is a leading Digital Marketing company and offers affordable Email Marketing Services. You get real value for money when you hire us to manage your email campaigns. This makes us the best choice for cost-effective and efficient Email Marketing management.

More ways to communicate means more opportunities to grow. We develop targeted marketing campaigns to reach each segment of your target audience. Clikmax all-in-one marketing platform will drive traffic and increase conversion for your business, no matter if you are an e-commerce, single retailer, online service provider, or omnichannel retailer.


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